Membership Fees for 2016

FFCC is making significant changes beginning with the 2016 season. We are introducing tablet-based tabulation for all FFCC and FFCC sanctioned events. We are also introducing a fully integrated web based circuit management system that provides Directors with a great deal of control over and access to their information.  Because of these improvements and continued increases in transportation costs we have had to raise Membership Fees.  These fees are still all-inclusive and allow our members to attend as many FFCC events as they choose.

If you would like more information on the benefits of membership, read our information article “Interested in Joining?”

Membership Fees (if paid by Oct. 31) – $500.00

Membership Fees (if paid by Nov. 30) – $575.00

Membership Fees (if paid after Nov. 30) – $625.00