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FFCC Local Color Guard Show

Feb 16

Show Notes

Durant Floor Map

Cash Only for Admission.

This schedule is now locked. Any changes that are made will be communicated via e-mail.

Directors - Login to see critique schedule.

Ensemble Body Equip Door Perform Time
CNOV: Cadet Novice - Inverness Middle School Winter Guard 9:26am9:38am9:50am 10:00am  
CNOV: Cadet Novice - Tavares Middle School 9:33am9:45am9:57am 10:07am  
CNOV: Cadet Novice - Abel Elementary School 9:40am9:52am10:04am 10:14am  
CAD: Cadet - Liberty Middle School 9:47am9:59am10:11am 10:21am  
CAD: Cadet - Seminole MS 9:54am10:06am10:18am 10:28am  
CAD: Cadet - Murray MS 10:01am10:13am10:25am 10:35am  
-- Break - 3 mins --     10:42am  
B: Class B Round 1 - Weeki Wachee HS JV 10:11am10:23am10:35am 10:45am  
B: Class B Round 1 - Eau Gallie HS 10:18am10:30am10:42am 10:52am  
B: Class B Round 1 - West Orange HS 10:25am10:37am10:49am 10:59am  
B: Class B Round 1 - Durant HS JV 10:32am10:44am10:56am 11:06am  
B: Class B Round 1 - River Ridge HS 10:39am10:51am11:03am 11:13am  
B: Class B Round 1 - East Bay HS 10:46am10:58am11:10am 11:20am  
B: Class B Round 1 - Osceola Fundamental HS (Pinellas) 10:53am11:05am11:17am 11:27am  
-- Break - 11 mins --     11:34am  
B: Class B Round 2 - Mulberry HS 11:11am11:23am11:35am 11:45am  
B: Class B Round 2 - Land O Lakes HS 11:18am11:30am11:42am 11:52am  
B: Class B Round 2 - Lennard HS 11:25am11:37am11:49am 11:59am  
B: Class B Round 2 - Freedom HS JV (Tampa) 11:32am11:44am11:56am 12:06pm  
B: Class B Round 2 - Northside Christian JV 11:39am11:51am12:03pm 12:13pm  
B: Class B Round 2 - Armwood HS 11:46am11:58am12:10pm 12:20pm  
B: Class B Round 2 - Harmony HS 11:53am12:05pm12:17pm 12:27pm  
-- Lunch Break - 61 mins --     12:34pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 1 - Strawberry Crest HS 1:01pm1:13pm1:25pm 1:35pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 1 - Liberty HS 1:09pm1:21pm1:33pm 1:43pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 1 - Wesley Chapel HS 1:17pm1:29pm1:41pm 1:51pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 1 - Bartow HS 1:25pm1:37pm1:49pm 1:59pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 1 - Wiregrass Ranch HS JV 1:33pm1:45pm1:57pm 2:07pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 1 - Braden River HS JV 1:41pm1:53pm2:05pm 2:15pm  
-- Break - 7 mins --     2:23pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 2 - F. W. Springstead HS 1:56pm2:08pm2:20pm 2:30pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 2 - Steinbrenner HS 2:04pm2:16pm2:28pm 2:38pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 2 - Deltona HS 2:12pm2:24pm2:36pm 2:46pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 2 - Brandon HS 2:20pm2:32pm2:44pm 2:54pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 2 - East Lake HS 2:28pm2:40pm2:52pm 3:02pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 2 - Sunlake HS JV 2:36pm2:48pm3:00pm 3:10pm  
SAAA: Sch AAA Round 2 - Lake Gibson HS 2:44pm2:56pm3:08pm 3:18pm  
-- Awards - 129 mins --     3:26pm  
SAA: Sch AA - Robinson HS 5:01pm5:13pm5:25pm 5:35pm  
SAA: Sch AA - Newsome HS JV 5:09pm5:21pm5:33pm 5:43pm  
SAA: Sch AA - Tarpon Springs MS 5:17pm5:29pm5:41pm 5:51pm  
SAA: Sch AA - Weeki Wachee HS 5:25pm5:37pm5:49pm 5:59pm  
SAA: Sch AA - Plant City HS 5:33pm5:45pm5:57pm 6:07pm  
SAA: Sch AA - Northside Christian HS 5:41pm5:53pm6:05pm 6:15pm  
SAA: Sch AA - Gaither HS 5:49pm6:01pm6:13pm 6:23pm  
SAA: Sch AA - Bloomingdale HS JV 5:57pm6:09pm6:21pm 6:31pm  
-- Break - 11 mins --     6:39pm  
SA: Sch A - Tarpon Springs HS A 6:16pm6:28pm6:40pm 6:50pm  
SA: Sch A - Durant HS 6:24pm6:36pm6:48pm 6:58pm  
SA: Sch A - Newsome HS 6:32pm6:44pm6:56pm 7:06pm  
SA: Sch A - Braden River HS 6:40pm6:52pm7:04pm 7:14pm  
SA: Sch A - Auburndale HS 6:48pm7:00pm7:12pm 7:22pm  
SA: Sch A - Wiregrass Ranch HS 6:56pm7:08pm7:20pm 7:30pm  
SA: Sch A - Bloomingdale HS 7:04pm7:16pm7:28pm 7:38pm  
-- Break - 9 mins --     7:46pm  
IO: Ind Open - Tampa Independent 7:21pm7:33pm7:45pm 7:55pm  
SW: Sch World - Tarpon Springs HS World 7:30pm7:42pm7:54pm 8:04pm  
-- Awards - 35 mins --     8:14pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Feb 7, 2019 7:47:10 pm EST

Judges Assigned

Indiv Equip Paula Alfonso
Indiv Movmt Michael Turner
Design Analysis Michael Higbe
GE 1 Lee Carlson
GE 2 Chris Dillon
Penalties John Meyers
Announcer Alan Smith
Tech Diane Martinez
Chief Judge Michael Higbe
Contest Dir Jim Taylor


Feb 16
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