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Riverview HS

Feb 24

Show Notes


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Ensemble Body Equip Door Perform Time
CNOV:Cadet Novice - Union Academy 9:26am9:38am9:50am 10:00am  
CNOV:Cadet Novice - Inverness Middle School Winter Guard 9:33am9:45am9:57am 10:07am  
CAD:Cadet - Northside Christian Cadet 9:40am9:52am10:04am 10:14am  
-- Break - 4 mins --     10:21am  
B:Class B - Sickles HS 9:51am10:03am10:15am 10:25am  
B:Class B - Strawberry Crest HS 9:58am10:10am10:22am 10:32am  
B:Class B - Bishop Moore HS 10:05am10:17am10:29am 10:39am  
B:Class B - Lakewood Ranch HS 10:12am10:24am10:36am 10:46am  
B:Class B - Cape Coral HS 10:19am10:31am10:43am 10:53am  
B:Class B - Lanier County HS 10:26am10:38am10:50am 11:00am  
B:Class B - Fort Myers HS 10:33am10:45am10:57am 11:07am  
B:Class B - Wesley Chapel HS 10:40am10:52am11:04am 11:14am  
B:Class B - Florida High Winter Guard 10:47am10:59am11:11am 11:21am  
B:Class B - Osceola Fundamental HS (Pinellas) 10:54am11:06am11:18am 11:28am  
-- Break - 15 mins --     11:35am  
SAAA:Sch AAA - East Bay HS 11:16am11:28am11:40am 11:50am  
SAAA:Sch AAA - Sebring HS 11:24am11:36am11:48am 11:58am  
SAAA:Sch AAA - Brandon HS 11:32am11:44am11:56am 12:06pm  
SAAA:Sch AAA - P.R. Wharton HS 11:40am11:52am12:04pm 12:14pm  
SAAA:Sch AAA - Newsome HS JV 11:48am12:00pm12:12pm 12:22pm  
SAAA:Sch AAA - Sunlake HS JV 11:56am12:08pm12:20pm 12:30pm  
SAAA:Sch AAA - Tarpon Springs MS 12:04pm12:16pm12:28pm 12:38pm  
SAAA:Sch AAA - Braden River HS JV 12:12pm12:24pm12:36pm 12:46pm  
SAAA:Sch AAA - Palm Harbor University HS 12:20pm12:32pm12:44pm 12:54pm  
SAAA:Sch AAA - Charlotte HS 12:28pm12:40pm12:52pm 1:02pm  
SAAA:Sch AAA - J.W. Mitchell HS JV 12:36pm12:48pm1:00pm 1:10pm  
-- Awards - 102 mins --     1:18pm  
SAA:Sch AA - Gaither HS 2:26pm2:38pm2:50pm 3:00pm  
SAA:Sch AA - Wiregrass Ranch HS JV 2:34pm2:46pm2:58pm 3:08pm  
SAA:Sch AA - Northside Christian HS 2:42pm2:54pm3:06pm 3:16pm  
SAA:Sch AA - Largo HS 2:50pm3:02pm3:14pm 3:24pm  
SAA:Sch AA - Durant HS 2:58pm3:10pm3:22pm 3:32pm  
SAA:Sch AA - Riverview HS 3:06pm3:18pm3:30pm 3:40pm  
SAA:Sch AA - Bartow HS 3:14pm3:26pm3:38pm 3:48pm  
SAA:Sch AA - Steinbrenner HS 3:22pm3:34pm3:46pm 3:56pm  
-- Break - 11 mins --     4:04pm  
SA:Sch A - Jupiter High School 3:41pm3:53pm4:05pm 4:15pm  
SA:Sch A - Braden River HS 3:49pm4:01pm4:13pm 4:23pm  
SA:Sch A - Sunlake HS 3:57pm4:09pm4:21pm 4:31pm  
SA:Sch A - Newsome HS 4:05pm4:17pm4:29pm 4:39pm  
SA:Sch A - Lowndes HS A 4:13pm4:25pm4:37pm 4:47pm  
IA:Ind A - XY by Horizon 4:21pm4:33pm4:45pm 4:55pm  
-- Break - 7 mins --     5:03pm  
SO:Sch Open - Lowndes HS Open 4:36pm4:48pm5:00pm 5:10pm  
IW:Ind World - University of South Florida 4:45pm4:57pm5:09pm 5:19pm  
-- Awards - 86 mins --     5:29pm  
PSAA:Sch Marching AA - Lanier County HS Perc 6:21pm6:33pm6:45pm 6:55pm  
PSAA:Sch Marching AA - North Fort Myers Indoor Percussion 6:30pm6:42pm6:54pm 7:04pm  
PSAA:Sch Marching AA - Punta Gorda Middle School 6:39pm6:51pm7:03pm 7:13pm  
PSAA:Sch Marching AA - Cape Coral HS 6:48pm7:00pm7:12pm 7:22pm  
PSAA:Sch Marching AA - Wiregrass Ranch High School Indoor Percussion 6:57pm7:09pm7:21pm 7:31pm  
PSAA:Sch Marching AA - Ocoee HS Perc 7:06pm7:18pm7:30pm 7:40pm  
PSAA:Sch Marching AA - Osceola Fundamental High School (Pinellas) 7:15pm7:27pm7:39pm 7:49pm  
-- Break - 6 mins --     7:58pm  
PSA:Sch Marching A - Lake Minneola HS 7:30pm7:42pm7:54pm 8:04pm  
PSA:Sch Marching A - Charlotte HS 7:39pm7:51pm8:03pm 8:13pm  
PSA:Sch Marching A - Sebring HS Perc 7:48pm8:00pm8:12pm 8:22pm  
-- Break - 2 mins --     8:31pm  
WIO:Ind Winds Open - Warner University Royalty Winds 7:59pm8:11pm8:23pm 8:33pm  
-- Awards - 35 mins --     8:43pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018 12:11:41 pm EST

Judges Assigned

Indiv Equip Jackie Campbell
Indiv Movmt Hieu Nguyen
Design Analysis Dan Campbell
GE 1 Dan Niebauer
GE 2 Grady Robertson
Penalties Franklin Ascencio
Announcer Alan Smith
Tech Diane Martinez
Chief Judge Dan Campbell
Contest Dir Brian Fisher


Feb 24
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Riverview HS
11311 Boyette Road
Riverview, FL 33569