The FFCC held our 3rd annual Design Symposium the week of October 12 thru the 17th. We had many amazing designers come in to work alongside our directors in the circuit. October 12th and 13th we were fortunate to have Adam Sage work remotely through zoom with some of our instructors and gave some great feedback and thought-provoking ideas on thinking through the entire product and determining what you want the judges to get from your program. Participants left with some great ideas and next steps to heighten their future shows.

On October 17th we had an amazing panel that included Michael James, Jill Moser, Stephen Porter, and Carrie Smith who worked as two designers per 1 participating group and gave feedback to directors regarding music choices, stage design, flags/floor colors, and overall design choices with a diverse group of classes represented. Simultaneously we had Zoom sessions with, Terry Sanders, for our percussion/winds groups that wanted early season feedback
on their groups, building through their storyboard designs, and things to think about during their season as they encounter critiques and different ways to help improve teaching and learning within the group.

The design symposium was a huge success for all who came out and we look forward to hosting this event again in 2022! For more information on the design symposium or how to be a part of it next year please reach out to Jamie Dyer (

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