Advisory Board Recap

Submitted by Jamie Escobar-Dyer, FFCC Board of Directors

June 23, 2024 marked a pivotal gathering of the Florida Federation of Colorguards
Circuit Advisory Board at Horizon High School. The meeting convened with a full group, later breaking
out into three distinct sessions tailored to the specific needs of Color Guard, Percussion/Winds, and
Outdoor divisions.

Full Group Session Highlights:
The day kicked off with a joint session attended by members from Color Guard, Percussion/Winds, and
Outdoor Advisory Boards. Board President Mike Higbe welcomed attendees and outlined the essential
roles and responsibilities of the advisory boards within FFCC. Discussions ranged from logistical updates,
such as season badges and VIP wristbands for championships, to scheduling details for upcoming events
such as championships.

Color Guard Breakout Session:
Led by Moderator Mike Higbe, the Color Guard Advisory Board focused on refining the nomination
process and proposed changes for the 2025 season. Notable decisions included the seeding of rounds at
championships and automatic promotion reviews for top-performing teams at premiere. Education
initiatives were discussed and much discussion included building community within the circuit, providing
more local education, and exploring different times of the year to offer educational opportunities.

Percussion/Winds Breakout Session:
Under Tom Slaughter’s moderation, the Percussion/Winds Advisory Board discussed updates from the
recent WGI changes and implications they may have for FFCC events. Championships formats, the
continued growth of our percussion/winds team nationally, and scheduling options for
percussion/winds weekends during the upcoming winter season were also top discussions in the
breakout session.

Outdoor Breakout Session:
Randy Nelson led discussions in this session, which explored the implementation of preliminary and
finals formats at some outdoor shows. Discussion around registration for championships will be limited
to 28 bands in prelims and 1/2/3A Championships will be limited to 32 bands in prelims. The board also
reviewed rules and policies regarding equipment usage, safety protocols, and classification
modifications for the upcoming season.

Looking Ahead:
As the meeting concluded, there was consensus on enhancing communication and logistical
arrangements for future events. The board expressed a commitment to improving the overall
participant experience while ensuring equitable and transparent competition standards.
Accessing Meeting Notes:
Directors and interested parties can access detailed meeting notes and updates via Competition Suite in
order to facilitate and be informed about the decision-making and planning for the upcoming FFCC

The FFCC Advisory Board’s June 23 meeting at Horizon High School set a clear path forward for the
organization, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and excellence in competitive performance arts.

Stay tuned for more updates as FFCC continues to evolve and elevate the pageantry arts experience
across Florida.

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