On June 24th, 2023 members of the FFCC Advisory Boards met to discuss the circuit’s goals and the implementation of upcoming initiatives.

The advisory boards are comprised of representatives from each class and division in the FFCC, and hold a two year term to support informed decision making throughout the season in the FFCC. Each advisory board is composed of representatives from the winners at FFCC Championships of each round of Cadet to A Class, the top two teams in Open Class, and the top three teams in World Class to ensure equitable distribution of representatives across classes. Only teams that send representatives to the advisory board meeting remain on the advisory board.

These 41 members, along with FFCC board members, discussed many topics ranging from operations and logistics, events, shows, and conduct, critique, seeding, performer safety, website resources and supports, EDI, FFCC Outdoor, championships, and education initiatives for the 2024 season. In the afternoon, the Colorguard and Percussion & Winds Advisory Boards met separately to discuss topics specifically pertaining to their divisions. New WGI rules were discussed to determine their impact and implementation in the circuit, and discussions continued on topics addressed at the FFCC Annual Meeting.

The Percussion & Winds Advisory Board agreed that the AA Percussion Class will be renamed to “Novice Class”, and will exclusively serve beginning teams. More experienced teams will be classified in A Class to support their continued growth and training. The PWAB discussed ways the FFCC can support the growth of our teams both locally and nationally, and brainstormed ideas for increased development and educational initiatives.

The Colorguard Advisory Board discussed input from the student leadership of the Pageantry Arts Honor Society members at their championships meeting, and other concerns from the season. All three proposals relative to the colorguard division passed and will be placed in policy for the 2024 indoor season.

  1.  PROPOSAL #1 – (Tom Slaughter) For all teams in Cadet, Novice, Regional A, SAAA, SAA and Percussion SAA…a Gold Medalist must enroll in the next higher class for the subsequent season. Yay -17 / Nay – 4 / Abstain – 2, Passes
  2. PROPOSAL #2 – (Tom Slaughter) For all teams in Cadet, Novice, Regional A, SAAA, SAA and Percussion SAA… a medalist of any kind in two consecutive years must enroll in the next higher class for the subsequent season, to take effect for the 2025 season with 23 & 24 Champs. Yay – 22 / Nay – 0 / Abstain – 1, Passes
  3. PROPOSAL #3 – (Tom Slaughter) All teams that finish in the top 2 in any round at an FFCC event will be automatically reviewed for promotion to the next class during the season. Amended to say “local classes”(Colorguard Reg A to AA) Yay – 21 / Nay – 0 / Abstain – 2, Passes

The nominating committee for the 2024-2026 Board was selected, and includes Rebecca Belveal (Pace), Kelly Ross (Pegasus), Joshua Jackson (Boone), Vic Kulinski (RPT Percussion), Eric Levy (West Boca), and Katelyn Taylor (Horizon).

The 2024 FFCC Initial Membership Meeting will be held virtually on Sunday, September 24th.

Our education initiatives will include our 2nd year of L.E.A.P.S. on November 18th, which will have a director/staff component along with a student leadership component for P.A.H.S. members and guard leadership.

To learn more about the Advisory Board’s meeting, please log in to Competition Suite to view the meeting minutes.

Thank you to all of our Advisory Board members for their time and dedication to the FFCC.

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