Vendors are welcome at our 2024 Championships event at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center on March 28-30 (Colorguard) and April 14 (Percussion & Winds)


No applications will be accepted after this date.

Vendors are located on the main concourse outside of the Main Arena. This is a very high traffic area all weekend. Both spectators and teams enter and exit through this area, and concessions and dining areas are located nearby. Over 180 colorguard teams on weekend one, and more than 50 percussion and winds teams on weekend two will be competing at out event.

Vendor Information

Your rental includes:

  • 1 space, approximately 10 feet wide, and 6 feet deep (may vary based on area available)
  • 1 8 foot table with two chairs
  • 1 Day Parking Pass (good for one standard space in the South Lot only)
  • 2 Wristbands for the Day
  • Pre-scheduled loading dock access for drop off (only available at designated times)

Add Ons:

  • Power $60 (Payable to the Ocean Center, must be reserved in advance)
  • Tablecloth rental/skirting: $25 (Payable to the Ocean Center, must be reserved in advance)
  • Wired Internet: $250 (Payable to the Ocean Center, must be reserved in advance), Public Wi-Fi available
  • Additional Parking Spots: $5/Day, $10/Overnight
  • Pipe & Drape or Banner Hanging: $5 (Payable to Ocean Center)
  • Additional Wristbands: TBA

Vendor Rules

  • No food or drink sales per Ocean Center Contracts
  • No FFCC branded merchandise
  • No inside tents larger than 10′ x 15′ per the Fire Marshall (this is a change, they will check)
  • No advertising on behalf of other companies or organizations without prior approval
  • No fliers/signage should be posted in/around the Ocean Center
  • Power must be ordered in advance with the Ocean Center
  • Drop off can be scheduled in advance at loading dock but vehicle must be moved immediately following unloading

Please contact Cichele Fields ( or JJ Johnson ( with questions regarding vendors. Sponsors should contact Cichele about their current contracts.


  • Thursday 3/28: Move-In 6:00am-11:00am; Performances 11am-10pm
  • Friday 3/29: Move-In: 7am-9am; Performances 9am-9pm
  • Saturday 3/30: Move In, Move Out TBA, coming soon
  • Sunday 4/14: Move In, Move Out TBA, coming soon
  • On site contacts: Cichele Fields & JJ Johnson (colorguard), JJ Johnson (Percussion & Winds)