Connecting your Phrases!
Here we are wrapping up week 5 (HALFWAY THROUGH) and it has been an exciting season to this point!
We hope everyone that attended our 3 mid-season overview shows got some great feedback and
something tangible to continue growing your show. As previous weeks trends are still being worked on,
this week’s trend can help with transitions and range and overall give you more credit throughout and
that is Connection of Phrase.

As you watch your shows this week, the entering and exiting of big vertical moments through continuity
should show us where to look as they evolve. What is sometimes missing is what you are doing with
your equipment and movement phrases during this time. Although the “moment” is about to come in a
hold the work moving into and out of the moment is just as important and will give you more credit
both downstairs and upstairs, if it is thought through. Many times, teams will run into a set at a
shoulder hip angle with a flag or tucked weapon. Once in place they will move to where the work starts
and then give a great standstill moment. Although the moment is great and credit is given, even more
credit would come from all captions if the thoughtfulness of the work all connected like a run on
sentence. You may hear on your tapes this called connection of phrase or continuity and flow. The
definition of this for equipment and movement vocabulary is where each move combines in a seamless
manner to create and complete a crafted phrase.

One of my favorite series within the WGI education videos is “stuff worth stealing.” This short video will
walk you through connecting phrases and give you ideas of how to connect your transitions to make
larger phrases flow as you go!

We look forward to seeing everyone’s growth next week and as always feel free to reach out if you need
any support.
Jamie Escobar-Dyer
FFCC Education Director

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