Welcome to week 7 of Choose to Grow!

Currently, we only have two more weekends of shows before we all attend Championships week!  So as we have been discussing all the things we should address the past few weeks at this time there are a few things you DON’T want to address.  Your show at this point should be at a place where if you need to make a little tweak that is fine but big changes that require students to have to learn a lot of new choreography or feel uncomfortable the last few weeks should be avoided as much as possible. This week’s rehearsal on the show should really be all about the missing details!  Looking at your show chunk by chunk and thinking what am I missing to fulfill any little pieces.

For many of us we have focused on the transitions and the big moments for many weeks now and the consistency of execution.  Looking deeper we sometimes stop noticing the last few seconds the performers get to a prop or edge of the floor to do an equipment change and here we see a loss of character and choreography as we take a look at the edges of our floor.  Stopping to craft these moments will make your show feel more complete as well as give you more credit from all captions.  Trends for many groups are to get to the edge and wait sometimes up to 16 counts or more before a row of performers stand back up.   When thinking of these details what could they do coming down into their equipment (a roll, movement, toss, etc.) and then how can they come up still staying in character and adding to what is already happening on the floor.  If they are on the floor they are being judged and telling us the story of your show,  the details in how you craft them will be the difference between being good and being great!

Again, one of my favorite WGI series “stuff worth stealing” offers some great ideas of how to move in and out of these detailed transitions effortlessly and gaining you points in the process! We hope that you have a great week as you focus on all the details in your show and look forward to seeing you next week for our last Choose to Grow series blog!

Jamie Escobar-Dyer

FFCC Education Director

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