Logistics Schedule:

Concert PercussionMarching PercussionWinter Guard PanelWinds
Chief Judge - Tom SlaughterChief Judge - Tom SlaughterChief Judge - Tom SlaughterChief Judge - Tom Slaughter
Music (WGI Concert) - JJ PipitoneEffect (Music) - Evan RogovinEquipment Analysis - Billy SaccomannoOverall Effect - Tom Slaughter
Artistry (WGI Concert) - Evan RogovinEffect (Visual) - Tom SlaughterDesign Analysis - Tom SlaughterMusic Analysis - Evan Rogovin
Timing & Penalties - Joan JoselynMusic - JJ PipitoneGeneral Effect - Kevin BellVisual Analysis - Kevin Bell
Visual - Kevin BellTiming & Penalties - Joan JoselynPenalties - Joan Joselyn
Timing & Penalties - Joan Joselyn
Event Date:

February 4, 2023

Host Name:

Emily Cleghorn

Ticket Information:

Adult Price: $15*

Children 6 and under FREE

*Plus a Service fee

Payment Methods:
  • Credit Card
  • Cash
Terms & Conditions:
  • No Refunds

  • No Exchanges

  • Children 6 and under admitted free

Protocols and Guides:
Video Policy:

Due to US Copyright Law, and at the request of the performing ensembles, videotaping and/or recording of this event is strictly prohibited. You may be subject to dismissal from the arena without refund of admission if found to be in violation of this rule. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Flash Photography:

Family, friends and fans may take still photos of FFCC events for personal use only.

Professional photography equipment, tripods, and flash photography are NOT PERMITTED at FFCC Events. Please patronize our photographers.

Smoking Policy:

All FFCC Events are TOBACCO FREE. A no smoking policy will be strictly enforced.

Social Connections:
Contest Director: Josh Gelman
Emergency Phone: 650-335-5228

Physical Address:

2801 S Kanner Hwy Stuart, FL 34994

Directions & Parking:

There are two streets that you can use to get on campus- Kanner Hwy and Willoughby Blvd. There are three possible gates you can enter through on Kanner Hwy- One by the pool (north pool gate), one by the main sign (main gate), and a south gate that doesn’t quite look like a real entrance (south gate).

Spectators can use the north pool gate and the main gate or can enter on Willoughby Blvd.

Box trucks should use the north pool gate or entrance on Willoughby Blvd.

Tractor trailers can only use the south gate on Kanner Hwy. Use the attached map to find a way to be on Kanner Hwy coming from the south. If you are coming from the north on Kanner Hwy, you must make a U-turn to get in that gate.

If coming from the south on I95- exit at the Stuart/Kanner Hwy exit. If coming from the north on I95- exit at the Palm City exit. If taking the Turnpike- exit at the Stuart exit.

Fold Map:

Warm-Up Map:

Campus Map:

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