The FFCC Championships Hotel Block is Currently Sold Out

If more rooms become available, we will reach out to directors. If you have previously requested rooms, please contact Tom Slaughter for more information about the status of your request.

Rooms are available to teams at the Daytona Beach Hilton to FFCC Teams at the special rate of $175 per night. At this time, these rooms are only available to ensembles, not for individual purchases. Once you complete the form, you will be contacted to provide more information and payment. Learn more about the Daytona Beach Hilton at

Please direct any questions to Tom Slaughter at

  • Costs for Rooms are $175 per night.  Rooms with Single Kings and Double Queens can be requested however we cannot guarantee that the hotel will not substitute a Double Queen for a Single King based on availability.
  • This charge does not include on-site parking fees charged by the hotel.  Parking fees and all other incidental charges will be billed to your own credit cards at check out.  The FFCC is not responsible for any parking or incidental charges.
  • Rooms are available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  A very limited inventory of rooms are also available on Wednesday and Sunday nights.  If you have requests for those nights, they will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • Submitting this form will generate a reply from me with directions on how to reserve rooms in the block.  Once rooms have been reserved in the block and a method of payment has been decided upon the appropriate invoice will be sent.  Rooms can be paid for by check or credit card.
  • Orders for rooms will be taken on a first come, first served basis.  Once all rooms requested in the Hilton Block have been claimed, no further orders for the Hilton will be accepted.  We are currently working to put contracts in place for other hotels that our teams can utilize if the Hilton sells out again this year.
  • Due to the nature of our contract, we cannot offer refunds for rooms you may eventually decide that you don’t want. Put your order together carefully.
  • All rooms ordered must be paid in full either by credit card, or by a check being in our possession (not in the mail) by January 31, 2023.  Rooms unpaid at that time will be forfeited and made available to other teams.