At regular season contests:

Performance order for regular season events is organized in the following blocks:

  1. Guest teams
  2. FFCC Member Teams registered after November 30.
  3. FFCC Member Teams registered and paid after the Initial Membership Meeting and before December 1.
  4. FFCC Member Teams registered and paid at the Initial Membership Meeting.

Within each FFCC Member block, the order of performance is determined by a computer-generated random draw. Guest teams perform in reverse order of date of registration.

The random draw is done immediately following the close of registration for a show, at 11:59 PM on the Wednesday ten days prior to the event.

At FFCC Championships:

All random draws are done without the priority blocks used in regular-season contests.

For classes of nine or more teams, the class will be divided into thirds based on scores received at FFCC contests using the Seeding Formula.

  • Each third of teams based on the seeding process will compete within their block utilizing a random draw to determine their order.

    • Color Guard: Based on your score at your final FFCC appearance and adjusted by a factor of 2 points per week to quantify growth.
    • Percussion and Winds: Based on the average of your scores from FFCC Percussion and Winds Premiere Show and the Percussion and Winds Focus show you attend.

For classes with 16 or more entrants, separate divisions will be created for the Circuit Championships Contest. Teams will be assigned divisions based on their ranking in the final championships seeding order with an alternating assignment pattern (i.e. odd number rankings in one division, even number rankings in the other). Random draws will take place after divisional assignments.