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“Choose to Grow” is an initiative to tackle trends seen weekly in the FFCC through articles, tips, and advice compiled by our education team led by Jamie Escobar-Dyer. We hope you’ll find valuable advice that help you throughout your season.

Choose to Grow: Week Eight

Welcome to week 8 of Choose to Grow – our last blog of the 2023 season! Revisit your goals and make memories! At this point in the season many of your schools are starting spring break and you may only have one or two more rehearsals left until Championships.  This is a crucial time in the matter of revisiting team goals and making the work and rehearsals memorable. This is for many, the seniors' last moments which will be remembered of their season and for future returning members these rehearsals will get them to want to return and grow [...]

Choose to Grow: Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of Choose to Grow! Currently, we only have two more weekends of shows before we all attend Championships week!  So as we have been discussing all the things we should address the past few weeks at this time there are a few things you DON’T want to address.  Your show at this point should be at a place where if you need to make a little tweak that is fine but big changes that require students to have to learn a lot of new choreography or feel uncomfortable the last few weeks should be avoided [...]

Choose to Grow: Week 6

Emotional Outcomes Welcome to week 6!  As we continue growing each week, we can sometimes get so caught up in what the performers are doing with their hands and lower body but we forget at times what is the message or feeling the performers should be emoting to the audience. The evolution of your show through emotion is point valued through the General Effect caption the most.  Although the work you choreograph might create the emotional value, the upstairs caption will be focusing on not only your intriguing and creative design but the performance and communication of the program [...]

Choose to Grow: Week 5

Connecting your Phrases! Here we are wrapping up week 5 (HALFWAY THROUGH) and it has been an exciting season to this point! We hope everyone that attended our 3 mid-season overview shows got some great feedback and something tangible to continue growing your show. As previous weeks trends are still being worked on, this week’s trend can help with transitions and range and overall give you more credit throughout and that is Connection of Phrase. As you watch your shows this week, the entering and exiting of big vertical moments through continuity should show us where to look as [...]

Choose to Grow: Week 4

Being Dynamic Through Your Range! Welcome back to week 4 of our Choose to Grow Blog!  This week we will focus on some of the terminology you might hear regarding Dynamic Range, Variety, Depth, and what constitutes these terms.  Hopefully you will be able to walk away with something tangible to take back to your team to start thinking “differently” about your show and where you can add or train more for these terms to grow within your group. When thinking about a judge’s job their first role is to rank the groups (1st, 2nd 3rd, etc.) and then assign [...]

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