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“Choose to Grow” is an initiative to tackle trends seen weekly in the FFCC through articles, tips, and advice compiled by our education team led by Jamie Escobar-Dyer. We hope you’ll find valuable advice that help you throughout your season.

Choose to Grow: Week 3

Compatibility: Finding your starting point! Welcome back to week 3 as we wrap up our 2 percussion premieres and our last few guard groups performing in the south!  This week our trends for guard growth is focusing on compatibility with equipment and movement for our students within our individual shows. When thinking about compatibility I like to think of teaching math to students.  You would never want to throw an elementary school student into a high school algebra class until they have the basics of math mastered.  Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Division would all need to be understood before [...]

Choose to Grow: Week 2!

Which transition should I use and how do I highlight the right voice on the stage? Congratulations to everyone that performed in our second week of premiere!  We have all successfully made it through our first show and are now ready to run with filling, tweaking, changing, and growing our programs to be the best they can be!  After talking with our panel of judges and overview clinician about next steps of consideration for shows, one of our biggest indicators is making sure there is a strong focus on the floor that is filling the voice in your show.  This [...]

Choose to Grow: Week 1

By Jamie Escobar-Dyer, FFCC Education Coordinator Transitions and their importance! As we wrap up week 1 from our regional premiere show one of the biggest takeaways from our upstairs judges and overview clinicians is truly understanding and valuing the worth of a good transition! As you start to listen and decipher from your tapes the terminology being used with transitions and making next steps for your program, we hope this will help you to gain a better understanding of the purposeful way transitions can connect to your big moments within the horizontal and vertical orchestration of your program! Storyboarding [...]

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