The Overview Process for Colorguard

The FFCC offers Overview Clinicians at all Premiere Competitions and at select shows during the season to provide you with additional feedback as you develop your show. The overview clinician is not there to judge a specific caption, but rather to give an overview of the show as a whole. You are welcome to interact with the clinician or to let him/her make a tape for you. If you choose to interact with the clinician, you can ask questions and get clarification. Remember that the clinician isn’t there to put a score down, so think about how this can best benefit you. If there’s a part of your show you are unsure of, don’t spend time defending or justifying the choice, but rather think about asking the clinician to evaluate that section and help you talk through your options.

Remember that the overview clinician is there to provide you with additional insight.

What to Do When There is an Overview Clinician

  • After your group has set up their floor make your way to the top of the bleachers where the overview clinician will be waiting at the top.  

  • Discuss with the clinician anything you specifically want looked at while your show is progressing in real time.  The clinician will also have a recorder like the judges, and you can ask for them to just make overall commentary on what they are seeing in your show if you don’t want a conversation during the run.

  • Bring your whole package!  If you happen to know what the uniforms, flags, floor design, etc. will be, bring a picture.  It is premiere, and things won’t be all the way finished, so it’s a great time to get feedback now on the things that aren’t there yet. 

  • Wrap up:  after the performance feel free to ask questions as your group is exiting or have someone on staff get the feedback to bring back to your team.  This is a great opportunity to get a view of your show from a trained clinician and generate your own conversation about what is important to you and how to maximize your show’s potential.  

Making the Most of Critique


Critique provides directors an opportunity to sit down with adjudicators and discuss their shows. Critique happens after the show, typically during and after the retreat ceremony. 2-3 minutes of time is allotted per table to sit down with judges. Directors must listen to their judge tapes prior to attending critique. Please check out our video below on making the most out of your critique sessions. Critique is available throughout the year.

Colorguards must sign up for critique in advance and the number of critiques each team can attend is limited due to time restrictions. Sign up for the 2023 season will take place in Competition Suite. Critique sign up will open up prior to each event and teams will be assigned a time slot. More information about how to sign up for critique will be available as we get closer to the start of the season.

Percussion and winds teams are able to attend critique at most shows. More information coming soon about signing up for critique.