2022 Colorguard Critique Dates

Critique time allows directors to have a conversation with judges regarding their commentary and make choices about future show direction. Due to time constraints during the show day and the amount of teams in the circuit, critique is only available on designated weekends. On these weekends, additional judges will be on hand to provide feedback to teams. As an FFCC member, you can also take advantage of our overall commentators at premiere, and virtual show weekends for additional feedback.

Percussion and winds critique is available every weekend. Please email Tom Slaughter at tom@ffcc.org with questions regarding critique.

Critique will be available on the following weekends:

  • January 22: Overview Commentary

  • January 29: Overview Commentary

  • February 12: All Shows

  • February 26: All Shows

  • March 5: Apopka Show

  • Championships: Dayton Bound Teams Only

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Making the Most of Critique