Joanne Dodge
Mentorship Program

The Joanne Dodge Mentorship Program began in 2021. The program seeks to pair directors new to the FFCC with experienced directors to help them through their experience in their new circuit.

Joanne served on the board of the FFCC, and was President from 1995-2001, an integral time of growth in our circuit. Her leadership created many of the programs we are still enjoying today.

Joanne was a mentor and friend to many instructors and performers in our circuit and we are excited to carry on her mission of mentoring and supporting others within the FFCC.

This program matches new directors with experienced directors and technicians within the FFCC to help guide them through the ins and outs of setting up new teams, building a culture of learning, working through deadlines, and promotes reflection and next steps to create a successful season for all involved!

If you are interested in more information, contact Jamie Escobar-Dyer to learn more about the mentorship program.

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