2023-2024 FFCC Policy Manual

The following manual is the current Policy and Procedure guidelines for the FFCC.

All teams by submitting application and paying fees associated with membership agree to abide by, support, and enforce the policies as contained in the manual. Any questions regarding procedure can be addressed to president@ffcc.org for additional information.

The FFCC invites director participation in developing our policies and procedures through proposals each year which are discussed at our annual meeting, and vetted by our Advisory Boards. The Proposal Form will be available here towards the end of each season.

2024-25 Policy Change Proposals

Proposals are accepted at the close of the 2024 season. Stay tuned for more information!

Each year, at the end of the competitive season the FFCC Board of Officers solicits the membership for suggestions to better our organization. These suggestions take the form of Policy and Procedure Proposals. Proposals deal with three main areas:

  • Governance – the set of roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how an organization’s business divisions work together to achieve its goals.
  • Administration – the set of policies that control the function and processes of the Membership of the organization.
  • Competitive Regulations – the set of policies that directly affect the competitive aspect of the organization which are not defined by WGI competitive regulations.(e.g. seeding, scheduling, classification, judging assignments etc.)
Please refer to the current FFCC Policy and Procedure Manual in the Resource section of Competition Suite to assist in filling out the following form. If there is no current policy please use “NONE” as your response for “Current Policy”.

FFCC Policy and Procedure Proposal

Name of Team Representing(Required)
Area of Focus(Required)

Please copy policy for reference, if applicable
Reason for proposal
List known financial impact