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General Information

The Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit (FFCC) offers a competitive outlet during winter for color guard, indoor marching percussion and concert percussion teams and Winds. Our competitive season begins in January and culminates in our Circuit Championships in early April.

The FFCC offers a variety of competitive classes ranging from the first year unit to the seasoned competitor. Our contests follow the rules and criteria of Winter Guard International (WGI) and are judged by both local and national judges trained to use WGI’s adjudication criteria.


How is performance order determined?2021-08-27T14:36:59-04:00

At regular season contests:

Performance order for regular season events is organized in the following blocks:

  1. Guest teams
  2. FFCC Member Teams registered after November 30.
  3. FFCC Member Teams registered and paid after the Initial Membership Meeting and before December 1.
  4. FFCC Member Teams registered and paid at the Initial Membership Meeting.

Within each FFCC Member block, the order of performance is determined by a computer-generated random draw. Guest teams perform in reverse order of date of registration.

The random draw is done immediately following the close of registration for a show, at 11:59 PM on the Wednesday ten days prior to the event.

At FFCC Championships:

All random draws are done without the priority blocks used in regular-season contests.

For classes of nine or more teams, the class will be divided into thirds based on scores received at FFCC contests using the Seeding Formula.

  • Each third of teams based on the seeding process will compete within their block utilizing a random draw to determine their order.

    • Color Guard: Based on your score at your final FFCC appearance and adjusted by a factor of 2 points per week to quantify growth.
    • Percussion and Winds: Based on the average of your scores from FFCC Percussion and Winds Premiere Show and the Percussion and Winds Focus show you attend.

For classes with 16 or more entrants, separate divisions will be created for the Circuit Championships Contest. Teams will be assigned divisions based on their ranking in the final championships seeding order with an alternating assignment pattern (i.e. odd number rankings in one division, even number rankings in the other). Random draws will take place after divisional assignments.

Can I use the FFCC Logo?2021-08-27T14:26:07-04:00
Use of the FFCC Logo requires expressed written consent. Requests for permission must be submitted via the Contact Form on the FFCC Website. No alterations may be made to the FFCC Logo for any reason, including alterations to color or additional text.
Member Teams may use the “FFCC Member Team Logo Badge” on their websites, social media, advertising, and on other platforms as long as the member team is in good standing. If a team is not yet a member, but intends to compete with the FFCC in the future, they are welcome to include text that states this, but may not use the FFCC Logo or FFCC Member Team Logo Badge until they have officially become members of the organization.
Member Badges are available in the Directors’ Facebook Groups at a higher resolution
What are our future Championships dates?2021-08-27T14:19:53-04:00

Future FFCC Championships Dates at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center

  • March 27-29, 2020

  • March 26-28, 2021

  • March 25-27, 2022

  • March 24-26, 2023

*Dates are based on WGI World Championships released dates, holidays, and facility availability and are subject to change.

How do I update my roster?2021-08-27T14:17:06-04:00

If your team membership changes during the season and you add new performers, you must update your roster online or your new performers will not be allowed to perform.

Contact the FFCC Secretary at The Secretary will let you know when your profile has been updated so that you may delete the current roster and upload a new roster.

The Team Check-in form used at contests is prepared early in the week based on numbers available at the time. If you are changing your roster during the week of a contest which you are attending, bring the roster document with you and see an FFCC Board Member at the show. (You will still need to update it online.)

Where can I get recaps, summary sheets, or tapes?2021-08-27T14:16:10-04:00

All are available online. Recaps and summary sheets are published after scores are announced. Judges’ commentary is available as soon as it is uploaded by our digital technician.

These are only available when a team director has logged into the website. From the account page, select Event Management. There you will find links to Recaps, Summary Sheets, and Judges Tapes.

To hear the Judges Commentary, select the event from the pull down menu, then click “Listen”. The commentary files which have been uploaded will appear, identified by the judge’s name.

Play the file using the embedded player, or click on the “down arrow” to download the file to your computer or device.

What classification should I enter?2021-08-27T14:15:18-04:00

FFCC Member Teams may enter the class of their choice.

Guest Teams may enter the class of their choice with the exception of Colorguard Class B (B), Colorguard Scholastic Class AAA (SAAA), and Percussion Scholastic Marching Class AA (PSAA). This applies to a guest team’s first FFCC appearance of the season. If a team is entering other contests in the season, the judges at their first show will classify the team for future contests, including B, SAAA, or PSAA.

Both Colorguard and Percussion guest teams may enter the Evaluation Class. This is a non-competitive class where the judges’ score is converted to a word rating similar to FBA.

How do I enter a contest without being a member?2021-08-27T14:13:36-04:00

Guest team entry fees are $250 per show

  • Fill out the registration form.

  • Once you fill out the registration form and it is received, you’ll receive a confirmation of your submission via email to the address provided.

  • We will confirm all of the information, create an account for you in the system, and send an email with your username and a temporary password.  Look for that message within a few days.

  • With your username and temporary password, you can log into the system – which will require that you change your password the first time you log on.

  • Once logged-on, you can visit the Ensemble (team) Profile for your Ensemble and start to fill-in the information profile.

  • Once payment is received you may select your show.

  • Teams will not be scheduled until the registration process is completed.

Roster Requirements

  • All Guest Teams must have a valid roster uploaded to their profile before they will be placed on the schedule. This must be completed before the event registration deadline ten days prior to the event.

  • Uploaded documents must be in JPG or PDF format.

  • For Independent Teams: Upload a scan or picture of a printed document with all performer names. The document must be dated and signed by the director and must include school affiliations for any performers still in high school or middle school.

  • For Scholastic Teams: Upload a scan or picture of a printed document with all performer names. The document must be on school letterhead, dated, and signed by the principal stating that all performers are students at the school.

  • For Mixed Scholastic Teams: All performers and school affiliations must be listed, with signatures of ALL principals involved. Separate documents for each school are acceptable, but must be combined into a single document file for upload.

Insurance Requirements

  • Scholastic Teams from public schools are covered by school insurance as long as they are officially affiliated with the school. The signed roster from the principal serves as proof of affiliation. Scholastic Teams from private schools should check with school administration for verification of liability coverage when competing as a school team. If the school does not cover your team, you must register as an Independent team.

  • Insurance for Independent Teams needs to indicate team name as insured/certificate holder as well as indicating the FFCC as additional interest.

  • If you have questions about Roster or Insurance requirements, contact the FFCC Secretary.

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