2022 Covid Protocols

The FFCC is committed to maintaining a safe environment for performers, staff, and fans.

During the 2021 season, we developed safety procedures and protocols that were adopted all over the country to protect performers. We continually updated our Covid protocols throughout the season to maintain the safest conditions possible.

For the 2022 Season, we will continue to evaluate the conditions in each area of our circuit, and seek the input of health experts and school districts to provide a safe environment for all. We ask that everyone attending an FFCC event follow the protocols below to provide the safest environment possible for our performers.

Premiere Protocols

  • The FFCC strongly recommends that all audience members, including teams (pre/post performance) wear a quality mask that helps protect our performers, audience, staff, and judges at premiere events while we are experiencing significant outbreaks of the omicron variant in these areas.

  • All FFCC Staff members & contractors will be masked at all premiere events.
  • Masks are optional for performers on the floor. Teams should follow the guidance of their school district. Judges are aware that some performers may need to wear masks.

  • To help with gym capacity & crowds, there will be no retreats for premiere events. Scores will be read at the end of each round, and directors will be able to pick up awards following their round, similar to 2021 championships. We hope to reinstate retreats later this season.

  • The gym will be cleared after each flight.

Full Season Protocols

  • There will be no movement warm up at all this season. Movement is usually held in small spaces like band rooms, and we would prefer to keep teams out of such confined spaces.
  • Indoor equipment warm up will be available, but is not required.
  • If anyone affiliated with your team is sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19, they SHOULD NOT ATTEND our events. Judges are aware that, like last year, holes may happen. Please always choose safety first.
  • Show hosts may require temperature checks or masking based on their district’s policies. You may be barred from entry or asked to leave if you violate their policies.
  • Performers can stay to watch other teams, but this is on a space available basis. Seats are not guaranteed. You may not save seats in the stands or leave bags inside.

  • Virtual performances for teams experiencing quarantines or other emergency restrictions are available like last year.

  • Live Streaming will be available at all shows from Box 5 TV