The FFCC Outdoor Advisory Board met on June 23rd and finalized details about our inaugural championships events. Based on our current entry projections, 1A/2A/3A Championships will take place at West Orange HS on Saturday, November 9, 2024. 4A and 5A ensembles attending our Championships event will perform at Daytona Beach Municipal Stadium on Sunday, November 10th. Prelims and finals will be held at the same venue for all classes so your ensemble will not be required to change sites mid-day. This creates more time in the day for us to recognize a larger number of bands as finalists.

In order to make the Championships experience second to none for your programs, and to also guarantee there is time in the day for a representative number of bands to qualify for a finals performance, the Advisory Board established a cap on entries in the Outdoor Championships. This cap will be 32 ensembles for the 1A/2A/3A site at West Orange HS. And 28 ensembles for the 4A/5A site at Daytona Beach Municipal Stadium.

If your ensemble has not yet finalized your registration into the Championships event through Competition Suite, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. Feel free to reach out directly to Tom Slaughter if you need any assistance negotiating Competition Suite. In addition, if you have any colleagues that are planning to participate in FFCC Outdoor, please share this information.

All bands will be asked through a survey to confirm their performer numbers prior to August 16, 2024. Based on the results of those surveys, the Advisory Board will meet again on August 18, 2024 to determine if an adjustment needs to be made to the class sizes. If adjustments are needed for the class sizes, this will be announced publicly to everyone by August 30th. Also, though extremely unlikely, if the championship locations need to be adjusted based on drastic class size changes, it will happen at that time.

If your performer numbers change again after sending in that initial survey, you can make final adjustments until October 4, 2024. It will be important that Competition Suite always reflects an accurate number of performers for your team, even if your class size stays the same, so you can receive the correct number of wristbands for your performers, staff, etc. at all FFCC events (regular season and Championships).

Your organization will again receive 2 pre-printed, permanent and season long director credentials at your first event. You will also receive 1 complimentary staff/volunteer wristband for every 10 performers in your ensemble at ensemble check-in. In addition, all teams participating in an event will be contacted two weeks prior and offered an opportunity to buy additional wristbands at a discounted price for that particular event. This will allow your organization to provide wristbands at a cheaper rate for larger staff, prop crews, bus drivers, etc. if you choose to do so. This order must be made in advance of the event (not the day of the show). These additional wristbands will be available to you at ensemble check-in and payment can be made in advance by credit card, or at ensemble check-in with a booster or school check. Look for more details on that offer coming to you later this summer.

And lastly, our announcer format for our competitive teams was clarified by the Advisory Board.  I have attached the announcer script to this email and you will note there are three announcements; the first when the band enters the performance area, the second when the show is ready to begin, and the third when the band has completed and is leaving the performer area.  Please note that in this script for our Competitive bands, the drum majors are not asked the traditional “is the band ready?”.  We prefer this more seamless format to introduce the show that highlights the drum majors’ names during the second announcement.  If your drum majors wish to salute the audience before beginning, we highly encourage them to do so from the podium while the second announcement is being read.  Please also note from the attachment that the second announcement can be a pre-recorded one that you have created as long as it uses the correct wording from the policy manual.  If you choose this approach, just simply inform our Timing and Penalties judge as you enter the performance area that you have pre-recorded announcement #2 and that fact will be relayed to our FFCC announcer in the Pressbox.  Ensembles choosing to participate in the Evaluation Class for a rating, will have a more traditional announcement provided to them (including “is the band ready”).  This will be included in the updated rule book that will be out shortly.

The weekend was a great one.  The FFCC Board of Officers cannot thank the Outdoor Advisory Board enough for bringing the perspective of band directors directly to us as we build and formulate what FFCC Outdoor will look like in 2024.  The growth in registrations is exciting, but also presents a huge responsibility to all of us to make your decision to participate in an FFCC event a positive choice for your organization (and especially your students).
Please do not hesitate to reach out directly to Tom Slaughter or Randy Nelson if you have any questions at all on anything being formulated for the fall.  If you are at the July FBA Summer Convention in Orlando, please stop by the FFCC booth and say hello, and ask any questions you may have regarding FFCC Outdoor on that day as well.

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