Our Mission:

To recognize the outstanding growth and achievement of students participating in performing arts through pageantry in colorguard. Including, but not limited to, artistry community contributions, leadership, and academic achievements. This includes any 11th/12th grade public or private school student demonstrating excellence in the pageantry arts. The honor society promotes the use of standards in education curriculum and develops future leaders in the field of pageantry arts education and performance. This development fosters an appreciation and a legitimization of pageantry arts as a true art form. An art form worthy of recognition and prestige.


Establishing a P.A.H.S. chapter in your school is one very important way that you can help advance the field of colorguard. Celebrating the artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievements of exceptional students helps to create honor and prestige within our field and improve our image to those outside the field, and offers benefits for students, institutions, and the field at large

P.A.H.S.  is a program created to recognize outstanding artistry, community contributions, leadership through character development, and academic achievement in students studying colorguard in public and private schools, in 11th-12th education and performing arts organizations. These four pillars are the foundations of this organization.

  1. Establishing a P.A.H.S. chapter allows you to recognize your outstanding students for their artistic merit, leadership, community involvement, and academic achievement. This helps create parity with other academic disciplines who sponsor honor societies.
  2. Your institution will be listed on the P.A.H.S. website on the FFCC page, allowing for additional promotion of your program.
  3. P.A.H.S. can serve as a recruitment tool, attracting students who are familiar with P.A.H.S. from other high school programs.

By recognizing outstanding colorguard students statewide for their outstanding artistry, community contributions, leadership roles, and academic achievement it helps create a way to promote colorguard programs.

P.A.H.S. helps to advance the field of colorguard education centered in the arts.

Pageantry Arts Honor Society has a network of organizations that seek to unite and strengthen colorguard education in the United States and support the national office in reaching colorguard educators at the local and regional levels. This network supports individual and collective efforts of educators, artists, choreographers, administrators, researchers, and business owners working in colorguard in diverse artistic and educational environments across the country.

“leadership par l’art, le dévouement et le travail d’équipe”

“Leadership Through Artistry, Dedication, and Teamwork”

Our vision is to create leaders within the pageantry arts. Each student will receive these foundational key life skills! Your P.A.H.S. membership gives you access to:
• Professional Development opportunities
• Opportunities for Leadership on Board committees, programs, and initiatives
• Research and Publications exploring the breath of colorguard education resources and knowledge
• Standards for colorguard education teaching and practice
• Awards and Scholarships to deepen your knowledge and celebrate contributions to the field
• A Network of leaders and peers eager to share knowledge and best practices
• A State and eventually National Voice to advocate for colorguard education in the arts, influence change, and impact policy and help to legitimize the activity

How It Works:

Chapter’s will be created within FFCC member schools. Chapter meetings will be held in order to have conversations about pressing issues, community involvement, leadership opportunities, and growth of their school, chapter, guard, and circuit.

School chapters will have opportunities to have meetings with other chapters in the area and share ideas, collaborate on community projects, and support growth within the pageantry arts.

Student members will need to collect 15 points from January to March in order to meet requirements for the honor society. These will be through community service, school projects, and attendance for performance-based events.

Student members will need to maintain a 3.0 to join and stay in the honor society. Students with a 3.5 or higher GPA will be rewarded with the P.A.H.S. Gold Pin and eligible for the P.A.H.S. Scholarship.

We Need YOU! Sponsor/Advisors!

• The role of the Chapter Sponsor is critical in the implementation of a school chapter in that the sponsor serves as the primary advisor for student inductees and aspiring inductees.

• The chapter adviser must be a member of the faculty of the school where the chapter is located and should be someone who has faith in the abilities of young people and is willing to spend time with them to develop their potential. The adviser is expected to be familiar with the P.A.H.S. Handbook and have a working knowledge of its policies, as well as those of the school and the school district. The adviser promotes chapter activities, stimulates positive actions by members, provides information on local issues, and will help grow the honor society into a National policy regulating chapter activities.

• In addition, the adviser approves chapter activities, maintains chapter records, and attends all meetings and functions. Neither principals nor assistant principals may serve as chapter advisers. Chapters may appoint co-advisers to run the chapter, particularly in cases involving very active chapters or those with large student memberships.

Eligibility for the Pageantry Arts Honor Society

• Must be a registered circuit member within the FFCC.

• Must have a designated sponsor/advisor to oversee chapter at the school.

• Chapter fees paid: $100

• For the 2022-2023 school year we will be offering P.A.H.S. to 11th and 12th graders in active school chapters within the FFCC.

• Student members should have and maintain a G.P.A. of a 3.0 to join the honor society.

• Student membership paid: $35

We look forward to celebrating every student for their outstanding academic achievements and growing future leaders within the pageantry arts.

Active P.A.H.S Chapters for the 2024 FFCC Winterguard Season




Tarpon Springs High School


Braden River High School


Duncan U Fletcher High School


Oakleaf High School


Strawberry Crest High School


Sunlake High School


Horizon High School


University High School-Orange City


University of South Florida


Flagler Palm Coast High School


Riverview High School


Melbourne High School


Lyman High School


Freedom HS (Orlando)


Weeki Wachee HS


Newsome High School


Oviedo High School


St. Augustine High School


Lake Nona High School


Somerset (SFWGA)


Camden County HS


Plant High School


Cooper City High School (SFWGA)


Dunedin High School


Bayside High School


Seminole High School (Sanford)