On March 25th 2023 our first combined chapter meeting of the Pageantry Arts Honor Society met at the Ocean Center in Daytona, Florida.  The meeting went from 12pm-2pm and had representation from many of our inaugural 18 chapters.  The members discussed topics within the four pillars of the Honor Society relating to artistry, community contributions, academic achievements, and leadership through character development.

The students shared many ideas on how to strengthen their chapters within their schools, spoke about ways to support other guards as well as combining all chapters together to contribute to a good cause for outreach which would be collected and brought to championships as well as a beach cleanup.  The members had an open forum to share their thoughts and ideas on how to improve the FFCC from a student’s point of view and their voice will be brought to the advisory board meeting over the summer so we can grow our circuit from all perspectives.  The meeting ended with many exciting initiatives for next year and an optimistic future of the FFCC and the students that are helping to lead it!

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