Registration is now open for the Pageantry Arts Honor Society (P.A.H.S.) in the FFCC, and we’re excited to invite chapters and students to join us in our mission. Our primary goal is to recognize and celebrate the remarkable growth and achievements of students participating in performing arts through pageantry in colorguard. This recognition encompasses various aspects, including artistry, community contributions, leadership, and academic excellence. We extend this opportunity to all 11th and 12th-grade public or private school students who demonstrate excellence in the pageantry arts. By joining P.A.H.S., chapters and students not only promote the use of educational standards in the curriculum but also contribute to the development of future leaders in the field of pageantry arts education and performance. This, in turn, fosters an appreciation and legitimization of pageantry arts as a genuine art form deserving of recognition and prestige.

Starting a P.A.H.S. chapter in your school holds numerous benefits. It plays a pivotal role in advancing the field of colorguard by celebrating the artistic merit, leadership, and academic accomplishments of exceptional students. This celebration helps elevate the honor and prestige within our field while improving our image to those outside of it. Additionally, establishing a P.A.H.S. chapter provides valuable advantages for students, institutions, and the entire colorguard arts education community. Members gain access to professional development opportunities, leadership roles, research and publications, standards for teaching and practice, awards and scholarships, a supportive network of peers, and a platform to advocate for colorguard education in the arts. We encourage all eligible chapters and students to join us in this mission of nurturing future leaders through the pageantry arts.

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