2025 Indoor Show Host Application Process

If your school or organization is interested in hosting an FFCC competition in the 2025 season, applications are being accepted from May 22nd through July 10th. Please click the button below to learn more and apply.

Upon the closing of the application, bids will be reviewed by our committee, and schools will be contacted to provide more information if necessary. The show committee will meet in mid-July to determine which shows best meet the needs of the circuit in 2025. Criteria include geographic distribution, available dates, wifi accessibility, and gym suitability, among other discussions. For the 2025 season, the FFCC plans to offer fewer sanctioned contests in order to create financially successful contest opportunities for our show hosts. Show hosts should be prepared for large events.

Ready to Apply?

Review the show host info below first and then fill out the show host application using the button. Questions about the process can be directed to Jen Karp, Director of Operations

Other Important Reminders

Schools selected to host shows will be required to provide documentation of facility availability on their selected date, a signed show host contract, and a show host fee in a timely manner upon bid acceptance.

Representatives from your organization will also be required to attend an online show host meeting with the FFCC.

FFCC Show Host Gym Photo

Be ready to take clear pictures of your facilities so your attending teams will have a good understanding of what to expect.

FFCC Show Host Guidelines

Some general information about hosting an FFCC show at your school

FFCC Hosted vs. School Hosted Events

Premiere shows are FFCC-run events, and the FFCC takes the gate at these shows. They require less financial commitment and risk from sponsors, but profits are only made via concessions and other outlets.

School-Hosted events are sanctioned by the FFCC, and core contest staff and judges are assigned by the FFCC. Schools earn the profits from ticket sales, minus the $2 circuit ticket surcharge, as well as concessions and other endeavors. There are more responsibilities, both financial and staffing, for the school in these events.

Staffing Requirements

At an FFCC premiere event, the show host should be prepared to provide personnel to monitor the warm-up room, gym entrances/exits, performer entrance/exit, an adult assistant for unit check-in, and personnel to cover concessions and parking.

At a school hosted, regular season event, the show host should be prepared to provide personnel for all areas, to include ticket sales, unit check-in, warm-up room, all spectator entrances/exits, performer entrance/exit, concession, and parking.

The FFCC will provide a Contest Director, announcer, tabulator/technician, social media personnel, photographer, and judges for each event.

Show Spaces

Colorguard Shows must have access to: gym, holding, warm-up space conducive to indoor flag and weapon warm up, outdoor warm-up spaces, prop storage, and prop drop-off.

Percussion & Winds shows must have access to: gym, holding, outdoor warm-up spaces, and prop storage.

Please include information about your ADA accessible seating in the performance venue in your show information.

Locker Rooms & Changing Facilities

All locker rooms, restrooms and changing facilities for public and student use must be monitored by at least two adult show host volunteers, randomly throughout the day.


There should be designated areas for bus parking, trailer parking, and spectator parking that are clearly marked on the provided map, as well as with signage throughout the property. Please provide an area for prop drop off/unloading that is convenient to your prop storage area, and safe for participants.

Judge & Contest Staff Food

Show hosts will provide meals for FFCC judges and contest staff at regular season events. Numbers of meals, personnel, and break timing will be communicated to show hosts by the contest coordinator. Premiere shows are catered by the FFCC, and do not require show host catering.

Director & Staff Hospitality Room

Many shows provide an area for directors and staff to take a break and relax. It is often set up as a pot luck/buffet style break area. This is not a requirement but highly recommended for schools to show their appreciation for all the staff and instructors who choose to attend their event.


The FFCC will provide all wristbands for all Premiere Events. For school-hosted events, all performer and staff wristbands will be provided by the show host.

Ticket Surcharge

Each show host will be issued number-controlled wristbands for spectators and will be inventoried at the end of the show by the Contest Director. The FFCC will bill a surcharge of $2 per ticket/wristband sold after the conclusion of the event. This surcharge is to offset added contest expenses covered by the FFCC on behalf of the show host, including travel, judges’ fees, housing, and other staffing costs.


Along with a detailed map, please have signs posted around your campus to alleviate any confusion.

Wifi Access

Please be aware of who has access to wifi at your school, and who can support any Contest Director needs should there be an issue.

First Aid

Show hosts are responsible for providing a first aid station for minor injuries.

Rain Plan

Each show location should have a rain plan in place. The contest director can help you plan for a successful rain alternative based on your show specifications.


Show hosts can recruit, schedule, and charge vendors for setting up at their shows, regardless of whether the show is an FFCC or regular season show. At FFCC Premiere events, vendors can not sell items that compete with FFCC merchandise (clothing) without prior approval from the FFCC.

The FFCC reserves the right to assign vendors to events free of charge based on the vendor’s sponsorship agreement. Show hosts will be notified in advance if an FFCC sponsor/vendor will be attending their event.