Kevin Paulus was one of the charter members of the FFCC as a director at Lemon Bay High School in Englewood, FL. His greatest contribution was his approach to competition. It was never the contest, but rather the performance that was most important to Kevin. Final placement was never a concern, as long as the students were able to experience the joy of performance. This attitude became a guiding vision of the FFCC philosophy that “the performers come first.”

The FFCC lost Kevin Paulus unexpectedly at an early age, and in his honor, the Kevin Paulus Memorial Sportsmanship Award was created. The award honors teams that display an inspiring level of sportsmanship and goodwill towards their peers.

Sportsmanship is defined as ethical, appropriate, polite, and fair behavior while participating in a game or athletic event. The ability to be gracious in victory and defeat is the mark of a true competitor.

A team that is nominated for the Kevin Paulus Sportsmanship Award should display a level of sportsmanship that rises above the standard in our activity. They should inspire those around them. While our activity prides itself in showing great sportsmanship in many small ways every day the ideal team for the Kevin Paulus award consistently shows selflessness and a willingness to be the embodiment of community, fair play, and the competitive spirit.


Teams are nominated by FFCC team directors. The FFCC Board of Directors narrows the nominated field to 3 finalists. The winners are selected by a vote of FFCC directors. 


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